Perfection. Failed.

Life through misadventure.

Granted, I may be living a laissez-faire lifestyle but do not mistake that for aimless misdirection.  In fact I have several targeted goals over the next 6 months and I have very specific plans in place to achieve those personal goals. 

  • Run a marathon in France (Marathon du Medoc)
  • Participate in a sprint triathlon
  • Learn conversational Italian

I will fully admit that I had gotten lazy over the years, lost focus, and even abandon sound principles of goal setting.  The result, a lot of talk and little action.  In order to achieve anything of serious accomplishment you need sound planning, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Goal setting is quite easy, and I encourage you to follow some of these principles to achieving your own bucket list.

Clarify your goal, be more specific.  “I want to learn Italian” - too vague to be actionable.

  • I want to order dinner in full Italian and be able to understand the waiter.
  • I want to ask for directions in Italian and understand the response.
  • I want to be able to describe myself and activities at a bar.

Further refine each portion of your goal into smaller actionable tasks.

  • Learn Italian words for foods that I will be ordering.
  • Learn basic phrases in Italian that are used for ordering food.

Take your timeline and chunk it into daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

  • Working backwards assign your goals to your monthly targets.
  • Assign actionable tasks to your weekly targets.
  • Create the necessary work and approaches to do daily in order to achieve weekly targets.

Make yourself accountable.

  • Share with friends and family.
  • Share using social media. Create a blog, Facebook, Twitter
  • Join a club.

Learn to enjoy the journey.

  • Revel in the success along the way and not just at the end.
  • The path isn’t straight. You will adjust the original plan as time progresses.
  • Recognize the energy dips and failures and learn from them.
  • Be realistic…you probably won’t be doing anything on Friday nights.

I hope you all will tackle something you are longing to achieve in your own life.  I have drafted my own plan and calendar for both the Marathon and Learning Italian.  I have begun the same process for the Triathlon.  Turn off the TV and start today!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

—Winston Churchill

I have decided to make a number of changes to my path in life. I guess if you had to label it, I am ascribing to the “Lifestyle Design" philosophy or perhaps it’s a movement now.

My goal with this blog is two fold, first to share my misadventures as I travel this new path. The second is to inspire you all to let go a little, fail more, and enjoy life. I do not mind if you come looking to cheer me on, keep me in check, or secretly revel in my failures.

In preparation for my upcoming sabatical I am planning to immerse myself in the Italian language in order to better aquaint myself with the culture, better myself, and make new friends. Part of this immersion is following the tips of a “Language Hacker” who has some great tips for tackling a language with the primary goal of human communication.  One recommendation is to create a blog specifically to make yourself accountable, so world hold me to it!

I plan on providing regular check-ins and hopefully as interest builds in my overall blog, you all will give me feedback and ask questions.

It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

—Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club